Media Buffs 2020

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Promoting Human Health Through Forests and The Major Challenges We Face

Benjamin Long

Whose Blood is in the Water? ‘A Sharks Tale’

Jordan Haas

Expanding Upon Human-Centered Capitalism and Why This Affects You!

Ethan Chasen

How does Media Contribute to the Polarization of America?

Bennett M

Difference states, different media and policies for the fracking issue

Fuyao Xu

CNN vs. Fox News

Adam Vicksman

Fossil Fuels Deep Integration in Society, and Why it Needs to Change

Will Lupfer

The Power of Youth Voters: #FundCWP

Alyssa Kalac

Social Media Campaign Plan to Promote Anti-Racism in Morgan County

McKinley T.

Artificial Reefs: The Key To Healthier Oceans

Lourenço Nabuco

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