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For my Media Advocacy Project, I decided to focus on the topic of deforestation in New England. This is a very important and relevant topic but mainly thought of in other countries not the United States. This Is an issue that I can observe every day when I am in my home state of Maine. With an exponential growth of population in the U.S. a lot of land especially in New England is becoming Developed. With 91% of the land in Maine being privately owned there is a lot of space for corporations to purchase and clear-cut land for businesses and houses. With the possibility of New England losing millions of acers in the next half century there’s a scary possibility of states like Maine losing its natural beauty. Being born and raised in Maine I feel connected to the outdoors and everything the forests have to offer such as hunting, fishing and hiking.

In my documentary I show just three of the sites that can be found only minutes away from my house. Pay attention to the square foot data reported in the top right. With hundreds of acres being cleared in just the summer months alone a lot of Maines scenery is changing quickly. Seeing these videos first hand shows the degree of clear cutting that is actually going on. I challenge you as the viewer to try and realize how detrimental even 1 full acre of logging and clear cutting is. While a little development may be necessary I plead those, who live in New England to inspect the changes happening in their surrounding forests. Sometimes you don’t realize that things are getting out of hand until it’s too late. Keep New England Green.