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I have one question for a long time that for different places, they will have totally different social media including all of the aspects such as different news on local newspapers. In the past, I believe for the same country, it should have a similar social media circumstance. However, after my study and researches, I found that media and people will affect each other. And I think it will be meaningful to write an article on this topic for those people who have the same question as me.

I had booked both the newspaper of my hometown, Suzhou, and the newspaper of another city for a long time. Suzhou is near the Changjiang River, the longest river in China. And another city is not near the river and has a big area of factories. From about one year’s newspaper, I found that it is obvious that the newspaper of Suzhou will have more articles about water pollution and related issues although it is not so serious here. And for another city, the local newspaper is totally different. That city has a really serious pollution problem because of those factories, but there is little pollution news in the newspaper, instead, it is filled with that economics news. Why there is such a big difference between the two cities that are not far away from each other? I think the possible reason should be that people in Suzhou will care more about the environment, especially the water circumstance because it is close to the river.

In order to make sure my suppose, I began to do research based on our lecture and case study, and other online resources. I found that after a downturn that began in 2015, oil and gas production is booming again, and new projects are sprouting along American freeways and padding government budgets, cheered by state legislatures, the fossil fuel industry, and the Trump administration. But we can find it easily that news in Colorado will contain more discussion and analysis of oil and gas wells and the problems they caused. The Denver Post posted lots of videos and articles about how these oil and gas well will affect the people in Colorado and how will they affect the natural environment negatively. And also, the related problems, such as discrimination problems attracted many people’s attention as well. It includes two main factors, discrimination of the minority and discrimination of the poor people. In my eyes, these two issues are really common in the US, but only Colorado has so much discussion on these issues. And on the other hand, one of the most significant issues we should care about is a really basic issue- the health issue. This issue focus on those people who live near the gas and oil wells. Based on what the industry officials said, these wells will not have long-term health impacts related to oil and gas development. However, the Colorado government still deicide to toughen oversight of oil and gas drilling and fracking sites follow their own researches on short-term health impacts-some people reported they get nosebleeds, headaches, breathing trouble, and dizziness — in worst-case scenarios. So we can find that people in Colorado can lead the media about this field and then affect the policies as well.  For other examples, there is one report this year about the employee of gas and oil wells. From this report, we can know that even the employee of gas and oil well will care about if we can have clean air. It is not common in other states I think. Based on the analysis, I think the reason might be people in Colorado will care more about the natural environment than other states. Like what the Denver Post said, because of the good natural environment, outdoor activities are really popular in Colorado, and this might lead to more environment-related problems appear in social media and newspapers in Colorado. In fact, those protests in Colorado can prove the passion of the general public as well.

From the first example, because of the different locations, people in Suzhou will care more about the environment, especially water pollution than that city actually has more pollution issues. And for the second example, Colorado people prefer to do outdoor activities than other states so they will be more willing to pay attention to environmental issues, like the possible pollution brought by new gas and oil wells. Those differences are caused by humans and then lead to differences in the newspapers. I think these two examples can prove my point perfectly. We all know that people now will be affected by those new media such as the Internet easily, but we still realize that the general public can affect the media greatly as well.