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I am advocating for the use of psychedelics to be used as tools to cure mental health problems like addictions, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. A majority of the public have a distrust in the powers of psychedelics, but they only see one side of the story to why they think it’s a bad substance. I am going to explain further in detail why this pessimistic view of psychedelics is a mistake to fall to because of the many different dimensions to the issue that affect the faith in these medicines. After that I will explain the numerous amounts of psychedelics that have been safely tested and scientifically researched in depth. This includes talking about specific patients that have any mental health problems because the goal of this message is to help the people that are mentally struggling with PTSD from their past experiences in war or addictions to a certain drug like nicotine or alcohol. Fixing these mental issues will make people become so much happier, create the ability for people to connect better, and allow people to fully fulfil their dreams without a disorder slowing you down.

My media advocacy project is going to consist of a podcast of me explaining why psychedelics are helpful tools in psychotherapy. This podcast will highlight the wonderful uses of psychedelics and their tests on patients with specific mental issues and how they have been healed from the inside out from these substances. This message will enlighten people on a new perspective of drug culture and the medicinal purposes. I am going to talk in an informative and convincing tone of presentation that will sway people towards my point of view. For new and original data, I am going to talk about my specific experiences of micro dosing psilocybin and how it as positively affected me. To back my experience up even more, I have data from scholarly written articles that have done extensive research in this field of study. Critical media studies has helped show me ideas like cultural cognition, ideologies, and hegemony relate to the social construction of psychedelics.


  1. Gather all helpful useful data to include in my presentation/podcast
  2. Cut down data to all essential information
  3. Write a script to present in a podcast
  4. Include a story from personal experience as original data
  5. Gather other helpful images, videos or quotes that would be beneficial
  6. Start recording my voice and cut out the bad parts that aren’t very clear.
  7. Lay down the recordings in the background of a video filled with visual media that is intriguing and make final edits to perfect the podcast.






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